HELEXPO Maroussi - International Exhibition Centre - 39 Kifissias Avenue

Why should I come to the Chocolate Factory?

The tour of the “Chocolate Factory and Museum” is an unprecedented, unforgettable, experiential, educational and tasty experience as you watch, learn, create, touch and taste!


  • At the Chocolate and Cocoa Museum you learn everything there is to know about the exotic cocoa tree and see real samples of the cocoa fruit and beans.
  • In the Aztec Temple you learn about the natives of the Americas, their civilization, their legends and incredible stories about cocoa.
  • In the Amazon Jungle, a unique experiential tour through a small, but real, jungle, where simulated conditions allow you to feel the heat and stifling humidity.
  • In the wooden Amazon Hut you can watch the journey of cocoa and chocolate through Europe, with the help of modern technology.
  • At the Chocolate Workshop you can participate in the production (with an incredible children’s workshop) and packaging stages of chocolate and, of course,... taste it!
  • At the Biscuit Workshop you see the production process of biscuits and at a new workshop you prepare your own tasty gift!
  • At the Milk Workshop you can have your picture taken (and more) in the fairy-tale setting of a small farm.
  • At Quality Control, in the Factory’s chemistry lab, with the help of a “magical” scientist, you learn what you should be careful of as consumers and, of course, you will observe an impressive “chocolaty” experiment.
  • The Time Machine will take you to places and times where chocolate has travelled through an intricate and playful Labyrinth.
  • In the hall with the big secret you will encounter the largest Chocolate Waterfall in Europe with 1200 litres of real chocolate actually flowing before your eyes!
  • At the Education Hall you will learn, through fun and small gifts, about correctly brushing your teeth and oral hygiene.
  • At the Choko Art Gallery, a different art and culture venue, you can admire, up close, sculptures, paintings, various works of art, a photography exhibition and comic strips related to chocolate.
  • At the various facilities of the Photobooth, you can take photographs of the entire class!
  • At the Caramel Workshop you can see how handmade caramel is produced, which you will obviously have to try while it’s “fresh”.
  • In the waiting room you can leaf through a book from the Sweet Library on chocolate, biscuits and ice cream.

In the Gift Shop you can choose and buy your own tasty chocolate souvenirs.

At the Chocolaterie, if you so wish, you can make your own drink from real, melted chocolate (not included in the admission fee)


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